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   Imaginary apes emerged after the reflection of its 3 main founders, full-time degens, where they found 3 main problems of the NFT market in solana:

1. Bear Market: investors should be looking at the top 1-5% projects in the space to store their capital in this downturn of the market.

2. Barrier of entry: Most projects with proven teams and long term vision are unreachable for most wallets.

3. Market volume: 83% Of all NFT volume traded comes from the top 20 collections. Yet approximately 17% of all wallets have more than 10 SOL in them.

4. Bad newbie strategy: Most new traders try to profit from degen mints and high risk flips intending to gather the necessary money to invest in the top projects, leading them to fail most of the times.

   Due to their profound gratitude to the Web3 space and the NFT of Solana, which in turn brought about a real change in their lives, they felt obliged to find a solution to these problems. It was when they idealized Imaginary Apes and the AI Platform, with the aim of delivering everything that an NFT project can deliver. Innovative, differentiated art with complete attention and zeal on the part of the artist, well-structured lore, a strong and engaged community, with good communication with the founders, and a utility that really changed the rules of the game for the Web 3 world!

   Imaginary apes allows average investors to add high value assets to their investment strategy. It makes it possible for Solana investors, even if they invest in high-value assets, not to risk their entire budget. And all this in an intuitive and simple way, accessible to everyone through the IA Platform, a fractionalization platform unlike any other on the market.

   Join us in this revolution, get your share of the future!

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