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  • What is Imaginary Apes?
    Imaginary Apes is the perfect solution if you want to thrive in this bear market. In uncertain times, NFT investors should look into solid projects to invest in, but those are usually out of reach for most wallets in the space. There should be a way to democratize high ticket investing and its returns! With Imaginary Apes, now there is!
  • How the IA platform works?
    Our certified alpha callers will set up buying pools for High Ticket NFTs, ‘’Stop Loss’’ and ‘’Take profit’’ valuations will be specified beforehand. Whenever you invest in a blue chip, you’ll receive a share representing the percentage you own. When the sale is completed, you can swap it for the equivalent % of profits you earned. Can't wait for it? No problem! Use our secondary marketplace to sell your shares to another investor!
  • Why should I invest?
    You are getting high-ticket returns without needing to pay for the full high-ticket cost. This means you won’t be left out any more of the whale game and will be able to stop spending on projects that do not deliver! You’ll get access to solid alpha and the possibility to invest on the fly, all in one platform. Stop spending hours and energy going to multiple alpha groups to seek the next ‘’degen mint’’ or high-risk flip. Easy, fast, and safe to use. You'll be able to diversify your portfolio with mature and well-developed projects, which means that you won't need to be constantly worrying if your last investment is a rug or not. No more anxiety in your portfolio, your money is with proven teams.
  • What are the holder benefits?
    No fees when using the platform, this way so you can hike up your profit margins and use that extra cash to keep building a solid portfolio! Stake your Imaginary Ape to get bi-weekly payouts in SOL from the ‘’IA Wallet’’. All transactions, performance, and royalty fees go to our wallet, and you will receive your share of it as a holder!
  • When I buy a share of the NFT, who holds it?
    All NFTs bought on the IA Platform are stored in the Imaginary Apes Vault. Once we get to the specified listing values, the NFT gets sold and you'll be able to swap your share for the equivalent amount of your percentage. Easy and safe!
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