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The end of the 21st century took place at an unprecedented growth rate in history. It was seen as mankind had finally achieved the utopia dreamed up for millennia. Generations were born without knowing what hunger or misery was. They just lived their lives navigating a free and fair market.

However, no progress is entirely positive. World leaders became greedy, moving forward with impunity, regardless of the outcome. There, a cruel truth became clear, such a perfect society was sustained by the exaggerated exploitation of the earth's natural resources, which have now become scarce.

The crisis spread across the globe, the diplomatic tension between the countries increased every day. Wealthy nations came together to create a space mining project, an effective solution if it had been done decades earlier. However, the growing wave of riots in developing countries would break the thin line of hope that remained, the tension became unbearable.

The war arrived on a cold morning. Nobody remembers who attacked first. When they realized it, the nations had already split on two fronts, and the glittering green backyards were now decorated by deep trenches bathed in blood and fear.


Millions of lives were lost on the battlefields, entire countries were wiped off the map by the nuclear fury of modern weapons. Despair took hold of the losing nations, and in their last attempt, they used the power of an experimental weapon. A biochemical gas, hurried through its development, began to be used on the battlefield.


Entire battalions were massacred in the blink of an eye. The war had come to an end with no winners, all that was left was the ashes and the unexpected effects of a brutal weapon. The gas contaminated the planet's water, taking its brutal effects to all of humanity. Those who did not die immediately from exposure had an unexpected side effect, their genetic codes were modified, making every human being sterile.


Extinction was imminent, several attempts to reverse the effects were failed. The years passed, the world population was dropping at a frightening speed. The only existing nations have joined forces in an attempt to create an artificial intelligence capable of fixing genetic flaws and preserving humanity.


Such a project was never completely carried out, time had already run out. Only a few men understood this. A select group of the remaining scientists thought of an abnormal way out of such a situation: Humanity would have to evolve again, so, as the planet recomposed itself, evolution would bring humans back to their perfect state.


In this way, the Imaginary Apes project, were born. Genetically modified monkeys, encharged of repopulating the earth. Bearers of memories of a glorious past and a strictly shaped moral sense. The guardians of the human legacy that over time will build the true dreamed utopia.  Dignified leaders traveling across the ruins to build something new...


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